Pompeii Surgical Embraces Ethics and Doesn't Believe In Deposits or Cancellation Fees


Imagine stepping into your weight loss surgery journey with absolute confidence and zero financial worries. That's the reality we offer! In a world where unexpected charges and hefty deposits are the norm, we stand out by saying 'No' to these practices. Why should you pay a deposit for a future that's yet to unfold? And why should you lose money for health factors beyond your control, like an EKG result? It's not just unfair ??? it's unethical. With us, you're choosing a path that's not only safe and supportive but also financially respectful of your circumstances.

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Why Deposits for Surgery Don't Make Sense

Think about it ??? why should you pay upfront for a service you haven't received yet? Deposits tie you down, and what if your plans change? We believe in a service where your commitment is rewarded with flexibility, not penalties. Our no-deposit policy means you can plan your surgery with ease, without the worry of losing money if life throws a curveball.

The Unethical Side of Keeping 35% for Medical Reasons

Here's a hard truth ??? some centers keep a significant portion of your payment if you don't pass a medical test like an EKG. But isn't it unfair to penalize you for something out of your control? We think so. Your health should be a priority, not a profit point. With us, you'll never face such unethical charges. If a medical issue arises, it's our responsibility to support you, not penalize you financially.

Choose Ethical, Choose Right

Your journey to a healthier you should be filled with support, care, and ethical practices. By choosing us, you're not just choosing a surgery center; you're choosing a partner who respects your financial and medical situation. Say goodbye to the days of worrying about lost deposits and unfair charges. It's time for a change ??? a change where your well-being, both physical and financial, is the top priority.

Why We Honor Your Existing Deposit

We believe in a healthcare journey that's free from regret, especially regarding financial decisions. If you've paid a deposit to another provider and feel uncertain about your choice, we're here to offer a seamless transition. By crediting your existing deposit towards your surgery with us, we remove the financial barriers that might prevent you from getting the care you truly deserve. It's not just about surgery; it's about making choices that feel right to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We believe in a stress-free financial experience for our patients. Therefore, we do not require any deposits for surgery. This policy is part of our commitment to providing accessible and ethical healthcare.

We understand that surgery can be a significant financial undertaking. While we strive to keep our costs reasonable, we also offer various financing options and payment plans to assist those who may find it challenging to afford the procedure.

We offer flexible cancellation and rescheduling options. If you need to cancel or reschedule your surgery for any reason, we will work with you to find a new date that suits your schedule without any additional fees.

If you've already paid a deposit to another clinic, we will credit that amount towards your surgery cost with us. We believe in making your transition to our clinic as seamless and fair as possible.

No, there are no additional costs for transportation and accommodation. We cover these expenses to ensure your experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.