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Celebrating a Decade of Excellence: Special 10th Anniversary Pricing at Pompeii Surgical

At Pompeii Surgicals, we are thrilled to announce the launch of three distinct packages, thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs of our surgical patients. As we mark our 10th year of providing exemplary care, our goal is to make surgical procedures more accessible and customizable, ensuring that everyone can find an option that aligns perfectly with their requirements.

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Among these options, we highly recommend considering our "Peace of Mind" package. This package is our commitment to safeguarding your surgical journey from start to finish, embodying the high standards of care that have become synonymous with the Pompeii Surgicals name.

Choosing the right package can be a pivotal decision. If you're uncertain which option best suits your needs, we invite you to consult with one of our patient coordinators. Our team is here to provide you with the insights and support needed to make an informed choice that's just right for you.


Coordination: (888) 231-2023


Choose from Our Three Tailored Surgery Packages for a Healthier You

Cash Price

Financed Price

Basic Surgical Package

$3800 Cash Price
Not Available
  • 1-Day Hotel Lodging: Options include Shared Room at Mount Vesuvius or Private Hotel Room.
  • Shared Transportation: To/from Diego Airport, hospital, and hotel.
  • No Private Hospital Room: (Available in Package 3).
  • Companion Fee Not Included: Additional $200 Per Companion.
  • Limited Blood/Cardiology Services: (Comprehensive services in Package 3).
  • Travel Insurance Not Included: Advisable for unforeseen events.
  • No Gallbladder or Hernia Surgery Coverage: (Included in Package 3).
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Peace of Mind Surgical Package

$4600 Total Price
$5800 Financed
  • 3-Day Exclusive Stay: Private hospital room at Pompeii Retreat.
  • Companion at No Extra Cost: Including all amenities and services.
  • Complimentary Medical Procedures: Gallbladder removal and hiatal hernia repair included.
  • Full Cardiology Services: Including consultations and all tests.
  • Comprehensive Blood Transfusion Coverage: All costs covered within the package.
  • Private Hospital Room: With Bathroom and Companion Area

  • Automatic Room Upgrades: We will bump you first to our highest available room.
  • Peak Luxury Experience: The most comprehensive and exclusive package.
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Pricing FAQ

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

The main differences lie in the duration of stay, accommodation type (shared vs. private rooms), companion policies, transportation services, and special medical procedures included. Package 1 is ideal for patients who are not bringing companions. Package 2 is ideal for patients who have a companion who want additional piece of mind and comfort. Patient 3 is for patients seeking the maximum peace of mind and our upmost luxury available.

Yes, a $200 fee is charged for companions in this package, which does not include meals. Upgrade to the Enhanced Surgical package and your companion fee is waived and you will recieve better transportation and a longer stay at the Pompeii Surgical Retreat as well as travel insurance.

It includes a complimentary stay, 3 daily meals at the hospital, lodging at the Pompeii Retreat and door to door transportation services. You will not have to exit the vehical when returning to the United States at the border.

Yes, room upgrades, including private options, are available for every package. Private rooms are available for only an additional $200 and world class surgical suites are available for $400.

All packages include transportation to and from Diego Airport, hospital, and hotel. The enhanced and peace of mind package offers transportation in SUV vehicle while the basic package uses larger commercial vans and buses. With VAN transportation you will need to walk around 10 minutes to cross the US border back into the United States. With the SUV transportation the border does not require you to leave the vehical to enter in the United States. The SUV may or may not be shared with another patient depending on space and scheduled times.

In the Basic Care Package, passengers must exit the vehicle for customs at the Mexico border. The Enhanced and Peace of Mine packages offer seamless border crossing in the vehicle with no exit required.

Meals for companions are included only in the Peace of Mind Package. This can help your companion save $100 or more on their stay.

The cost for upgrading to a suite like Potter, Celebrity, or Star is an additional $400 (flat fee for the entire stay). These suites are extreamly specal and like nothing you have ever seen in a hospital before.

This package offers comprehensive insurance coverage, including travel insurance and complication insurance for the duration of your stay in Mexico. Travel insurance provides protection until you safely return home. The complication insurance covers all medical-related expenses, accommodations, tests, and specialist consultations pre and post any medical procedures in Mexico. However, it does not cover complications treated in the United States by another provider. If complications arise and you choose to return to Mexico for resolution, the insurance will cover the associated medical costs.

Complimentary gallbladder removal and hiatal hernia repair procedures are included if needed in the Peace of Mind package. Gallbladder removal does require upfront medical testing and notice.

There are no hidden costs, but potential additional fees for specific medical procedures and insurance are not included in the Basic Care Package. You can arrive with the basic care package and recieve surgery without spending any additional funds as long as additional heart testing isn't required nor blood transfusions before surgery.

This package provides a private hospital room and bed and room upgrades at Pompeii Retreat to ensuring maximum privacy and comfort. We also upgrade all of our paitents in this package to our highest levels of rooms and benefits at no additional cost when available.

This package encompasses expert consultations with our cardiologists, essential EKG tests to monitor heart activity, stress tests to evaluate heart function under exertion, and echocardiograms for detailed imaging of the heart's structure and performance. Importantly, we recognize the significance of thorough preparation and recovery for surgical patients, which is why we also cover all necessary blood transfusions required before or after surgery, ensuring a seamless and supportive care experience at no extra charge.

In the Peace of Mind Package, blood transfusion costs are covered. In other packages, there might be an additional charge typically ranging between $400 and $800.

Amenities include all inclusive Protein Bar, access to Pompeii Dental, low cost botox and lip filler treatments, SPA treatments and educational surgical classes surrounding your recovery.

Airport pickup and drop-off are arranged through our transportation services, included in all packages. We will setup everything after you book your surgery on your behalf.

Yes, you can extend your stay subject to room availability and minimal additional charges. For medical reasons, your stay will be extended at no additional charge.

Please travel with one of the following: State ID, Passport or Birth Certificate. Passports are not required but we recommend a birth certificate. You may reenter the United States with minimal delay with only your state ID. We do recommend TWO forms of ID but it is not required.