POMPEII RETREAT: Your Sanctuary for Surgical Preparation and Recovery

Embark on your health transformation at Pompeii Retreat, our exclusive recovery oasis designed specifically for our bariatric patients. Here, you'll find more than just a place to stay; you'll discover a nurturing environment where every detail is fine-tuned to foster your comfort and wellness. From pre-surgery preparation to post-surgery relaxation, our resort ensures that your nutritional needs are met and your questions are answered ??? all within arm's reach of our caring medical professionals.

  • Empowering Education: Engage in comprehensive bariatric classes and post-surgery informational sessions.
  • Direct 24/7 Access Specialized Emergency Pompeii Medical Staff
  • Nutrition Tailored to You: Benefit from the expertise of our on-site nutritionists and complimentary protein-rich shakes.
  • Spacious +1000 sf Rooms with Full Amenities.

Indulgent Relaxation with Our Complimentary Spa

Rejuvenate your body and mind before surgery with access to our full-service spa ??? a complimentary luxury that awaits all our guests.

Nutrition Tailored for Surgery: Complimentary

Enjoy personalized nutrition with our complimentary protein shakes, specially formulated by our on-site nutritionists for pre and post-surgery needs, ensuring you stay nourished and aligned with your health objectives.

Connect with Fellow Patients

Foster friendships and share experiences with fellow patients. Our retreat is a hub of mutual support and shared health journeys.

Round-the-Clock Medical Support

Rest easy knowing that our medical staff is available 24/7 to assist you with any concerns or needs, ensuring peace of mind throughout your stay.

Uniquely Ours: A Retreat Crafted for Your Journey

The Only Surgical Group with a Dedicated Bariatric Retreat

Our retreat extends beyond the standard ??? it's a haven meticulously crafted for bariatric patients and their companions. We take pride in offering a warm, English-speaking environment that caters to your comprehensive well-being. With amenities carefully selected to enhance your pre and post-surgery experience, we ensure that every stay is not only comfortable but also enriching. For companions, we provide delightful dining options and assistance in exploring local attractions, ensuring a pleasant and stress-free visit for all.

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