10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Gastric Sleeve Surgery for Just $3800

Mexico's #1 World Class Surgical Group Is Now The Most Affordable

Embrace a Vibrant Life with Bariatric Surgery

At Pompeii Surgical, we're not just performing procedures; we're transforming lives. Our bariatric surgeries are gateways to a new youa you that's brimming with health, vitality, and joy. Say goodbye to excess weight and hello to a life full of possibilities. It's not just about losing pounds; it's about gaining life.

  • Bid Farewell to Extra Pounds: Significantly reduce weight and diminish the risk of obesity-related conditions like diabetes and hypertension.
  • Avoid Future Knee Replacement: Improve your mobility and alleviate joint discomfort, making every step a breeze.
  • Nurture Your Heart: Strengthen cardiac health and decrease the likelihood of heart-related issues.
  • Elevate Your Spirits: Experience a surge in self-confidence, say goodbye to depression and improved mental health, often accompanying the journey of weight loss.

Discover the Pompeii Difference: Luxury and Care at Every Step

Pompeii Surgical isn't just a bariatric center; it's a revolution in patient care and luxury. We redefine your health journey with a unique blend of comfort, innovation, and accessibility that stands unparalleled. With us, your path to wellness is wrapped in exclusivity and driven by

  • World-Class Hospital: Luxurious Rooms, Exceptional Care, Immaculate Cleanliness
  • Pompeii Retreat: Premier Bariatric Beach Resort for Your Recovery
  • Pompeii Volunteers: Past Patients Guiding You Towards a New Beginning
  • Pompeii's Edge: Cutting-Edge AI for Post-Surgical Wellness

Why Trust Pompeii Surgical: A Commitment Beyond Care

Our group is built on the foundation of altruism, where patient care always eclipses financial gain. We stand for healthcare with heart, where every procedure, every interaction, and every decision is made with the patient's best interest in mind. It's not about business; it's about bettermentyours and the community's.

  • Pro Bono Pioneers:, Leading with generosity we perform hundreds of pro bono surgeries each year prioritizing health over profit.
  • Healers at Heart: Our certified bariatric surgeons are dedicated to more than surgery; they're committed to patient care, education, and community outreach, ensuring everyone receives personalized attention and compassionate support.
  • Community Contributions: We're deeply invested in the well-being of our community, making significant charitable donations to create a healthier society for all.
  • Guardians of Your Journey: We go beyond care, putting in place robust safeguards to defend against unforeseen expenses and medical uncertaintie

Meet Your World Class Surgeons

Doctor Sergio Quinones

Chief of Surgery

Dedicated Bariatric Expert with a Heartfelt Touch

Doctor Enrique Saucedo

Bariatric Surgeon

Compassionate and Accommodating Bariatric Specialist

Doctor Carlos Galindo

Bariatric Surgeon

The 'Golden Boy' of Patient-Centric Care With A Big Smile

Doctor Jesus Grimaldi

Bariatric Surgeon

High-BMI Bariatric Surgeon with a Specialty in Revisions

Surgical Pricing

Integrity with transparent pricing.

Peace of Mind With Pompeii Ethics to ensure you have no unexpected costs or fees.

Deposit Policy

Cash Price

Financed (Save $$)

$3800 Total
$5800 Financed


  • Food Restriction
  • Less Complex Procedure
  • Hormonal Benefits


Choose Pompeii Surgical for an all-inclusive experience where transparency is paramount. Venturing abroad for surgery shouldn't come with financial uncertainties. Imagine you budget carefully for a significant purchase, only to discover hidden charges at checkoutfrustrating, isn't it? With us, the price you see is the price you pay. We eliminate the worry of unexpected medical expenses, so you can focus on what truly matters: your health and recovery.

  • Missed Flights Managed: Other places might charge up to $700 for a new ticket if you miss your flight due to extended hospital care. With us, you're covered.
  • Blood Transfusions Included: While some centers might add $1500 for additional blood, we include necessary medical supplies in our upfront cost.
  • Ambulance Rides Assured: A surprise ambulance trip could cost $1200 elsewhere, but at Pompeii, emergency transport is part of our all-inclusive care.
  • EKGs Without Extras: A failed EKG might tack on $400 at another hospital. Here, comprehensive care means no additional EKG chargesever.

Unlike many medical tourism providers who may lure you with lower initial quotes, Pompeii Surgical ensures full transparencywe cover all the essentials. Other providers often exclude critical costs, leaving you vulnerable to out-of-pocket expenses for essentials like post-operative care and transportation. Should unexpected circumstances arise, those providers may not support rebooking flights or providing additional accommodations, potentially sending you home without the procedure if you're unable to pay the extra costs on the spot. At Pompeii, we safeguard your journey and your wallet, ensuring that the focus remains on your health and recovery, not on financial stress.

Patient Safety and Security

Understanding Our Financial Complication Policy

Complication Insurance

Comprehensive Coverage for Your Peace of Mind

At Pompeii Surgical, we prioritize your safety and peace of mind. Our Financial Complications Policy is designed to protect you from unforeseen expenses during your medical journey in Mexico. This comprehensive policy covers all associated costs in the event of any complications, ensuring that your focus remains solely on recovery, without the burden of additional charges.

  • Complete coverage of surgical and operational costs in Mexico.
  • All hospital stay and nursing costs included.
  • Airline and hotel rebooking costs are taken care of.

Our policy also extends to situations where surgery cannot be performed due to pre-existing conditions, covering your transportation, hotel costs, and even the full cost of surgery. We also cover additional testing for prior heart conditions, ensuring no out-of-pocket expenses for you.

Note: Post-return costs, including emergency room visits and operations in the United States, are not covered under this policy.

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Join the Pompeii Family with Patient-First Financing

Welcome to Pompeii Retreat, a haven meticulously crafted for our bariatric patients. Our resort embodies a sanctuary of preparation, relaxation, and personalized care, easing your transition towards surgery. Understanding the essence of a supportive environment, we prioritize your dietary needs before and after surgery, ensuring round-the-clock access to medical professionals. Here, you're never alone; every facet of our retreat is tailored to nurture your journey towards better health.

Immediate Approval Process

Experience the convenience of same-day loan approvals to expedite your decision making to better health.

Pompeii In-House Financing

Obtain 100% approval for partial financing with less stringent credit and income requisites, ensuring fair interest and financing charges for everyone.

Minimum Down Payments

Our standard down payments now range from $0 with an average of $1800 across patients, making surgery more accessible.

Pompeii's Promise: Your Health Over Profit

Our financing solutions are designed with your best interest in mindwe succeed when you thrive, not from financial abuse.

Ongoing Patient Engagement

Stay connected with Pompeii post-surgery through social contests and opportunities to win loan forgiveness.


Direct Control for Ethical Lending

We hold our own loans, which means we ensure ethical practices and safeguard you from being misled.

POMPEII RETREAT: Your Sanctuary for Surgical Preparation and Recovery

Embark on your health transformation at Pompeii Retreat, our exclusive recovery oasis designed specifically for our bariatric patients. Here, you'll find more than just a place to stay; you'll discover a nurturing environment where every detail is fine-tuned to foster your comfort and wellness. From pre-surgery preparation to post-surgery relaxation, our resort ensures that your nutritional needs are met and your questions are answeredall within arm's reach of our caring medical professionals.

  • Empowering Education: Engage in comprehensive bariatric classes and post-surgery informational sessions.
  • Direct 24/7 Access Specialized Emergency Pompeii Medical Staff
  • Nutrition Tailored to You: Benefit from the expertise of our on-site nutritionists and complimentary protein-rich shakes.
  • Spacious +1000 sf Rooms with Full Amenities.

Indulgent Relaxation with Our Complimentary Spa

Rejuvenate your body and mind before surgery with access to our full-service spaa complimentary luxury that awaits all our guests.

Nutrition Tailored for Surgery: Complimentary

Enjoy personalized nutrition with our complimentary protein shakes, specially formulated by our on-site nutritionists for pre and post-surgery needs, ensuring you stay nourished and aligned with your health objectives.

Connect with Fellow Patients

Foster friendships and share experiences with fellow patients. Our retreat is a hub of mutual support and shared health journeys.

Round-the-Clock Medical Support

Rest easy knowing that our medical staff is available 24/7 to assist you with any concerns or needs, ensuring peace of mind throughout your stay.

Uniquely Ours: A Retreat Crafted for Your Journey

The Only Surgical Group with a Dedicated Bariatric Retreat

Our retreat extends beyond the standard: it's a haven meticulously crafted for bariatric patients and their companions. We take pride in offering a warm, English-speaking environment that caters to your comprehensive well-being. With amenities carefully selected to enhance your pre and post-surgery experience, we ensure that every stay is not only comfortable but also enriching. For companions, we provide delightful dining options and assistance in exploring local attractions, ensuring a pleasant and stress-free visit for all.

More Details

Innovative Nutritional Guidance for Your Transformative Journey

Embark on your weight loss journey equipped with essential dietary knowledge for a successful and enjoyable recovery. At Pompeii Surgical, we provide a unique educational experience with our certified nutritionists and dietitians. Engage in enlightening discussions that will prepare you for the exciting changes ahead. Our exclusive two-day in-person classes, set in the serene ambiance of our retreat, make learning a pleasure. As the sole surgical group with comprehensive AI-assisted dietary support, we're at the forefront of technological integration in healthcare. Our dedicated volunteers and a vibrant Facebook community of over 70,000 members stand ready to offer advice, share experiences, and help you navigate through your surgical process with confidence.

More Details


Our dedicated staff are here to provide seamless support through phone, email, and AI assistance as you navigate your pre-op diet leading up to your transformative surgery. Encountering challenges with your meals? No worries! Our compassionate nutritionists are just a phone call away, ready to offer personalized guidance, ensuring you stay on track with ease and confidence. The journey towards your surgery is supported at every step, making sure you are well-prepared and reassured as you approach this life-enhancing milestone.


We delight in offering two enlightening days of classes, meticulously designed to empower you for a smooth POST-OP recovery. Our engaging curriculum aims to equip you with the savvy to gracefully navigate your new stomach and sidestep any potential stalls. But our support doesn't end there! Post surgery, revel in our ongoing care through email, phone, and AI support. Whenever you seek further insight, our specialists are readily accessible to provide expert advice, ensuring your journey of rediscovery remains on a promising track.


Ready for a glimpse into the future? Unveil the realm of cutting-edge support with our automated meal planners, robotic nutritionists, and adept advisors, available exclusively at Pompeii Surgical. This avant-garde technology not only elevates your pre/post-operative experience but promises a treasure trove of unlimited lifetime support. As you navigate the tapestry of your dietary health, rest assured, our advanced technological suite is your steadfast companion, ensuring a seamless and empowered journey towards your rejuvenated self.


Embark on a journey of personalized support with our Volunteer Support program. Our compassionate past patients reach out to you directly, offering a helping hand as you navigate through your pre/post-op diet. This unique connection allows for a heartwarming exchange of experiences and insights, ensuring you're not alone in this transformative journey. As they get to know you on a personal level, they provide tailored advice and encouragement, enriching your pathway towards a healthier you. This vibrant community of support, forged through shared experiences and genuine care, is yet another layer of the nurturing environment we take pride in at Pompeii Surgical.


Our seasoned nutritionists are your allies in decoding the dietary spectrum essential for a successful surgical outcome and a thriving post-operative life. With a blend of professional expertise and personalized attention, they craft dietary strategies that resonate with your unique needs and lifestyle. As you explore the dynamics of food and its impact on your well-being, our nutritionists are your guiding light, ensuring a well-nourished path towards achieving your health goals. Engage in insightful discussions, learn from tailored advice, and embrace a supportive partnership that empowers you to navigate your nutritional journey with confidence and clarity.


Dive into a thriving community of shared journeys with our Facebook Group Support at Pompeii Surgical. This lively digital hub welcomes you into a fold of individuals who, just like you, are on a path of transformation. Engage in enriching conversations, exchange insights, and draw inspiration from the collective experiences of those who've walked the path you are embarking on. Our Facebook Group is more than just a platform; it's a supportive community where questions are embraced, achievements celebrated, and challenges tackled together. The camaraderie and real-time support found in this group act as a buoyant force, providing a sense of belonging and encouragement every step of the way. As you weave through your pre and post-operative journey, the Facebook Group Support stands as a virtual companion, fostering a positive, informed, and supportive space for all members.

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Happy Customers

Don't take our word for it. See what customers are saying about us.

Read Google Review

???I had an incredible experience from start to finish at this facility. The staff, drivers, doctors, and nutritionists were all amazing and provided top-tier care. The recovery site at the beach house was incredibly relaxing, and the spa staff offered excellent care. Overall, I would give this experience a 10/10.???

Coriss Ambady
Read Google Review

???I was referred to Pompeii by friends and despite initially being hesitant due to the numerous options in Mexico, I had a fantastic experience. The booking process was convenient, and I didn't have to pay upfront. The care I received from Dr. S was exceptional, and I had no complications. Although the prices were on the higher side, I believe the quality of care justified it. Overall, I am extremely glad I chose Pompeii for my surgery.???

Makell Sawyer
Read Google Review

???My life has truly begun! I???ve lost 150+ lbs with the help of Bariatrics! Pompeii provided me with the tools, guidance, and support! Without these factors, I couldn???t have been successful! My deepest thanks go to my surgical team and all that have helped me along the way. I will continue to advocate for Pompeii daily!???

Jessica Hurd
Read Google Review

???I had an incredible experience at Pompeii with a great facility and fantastic staff. I've already lost over 100 lbs in just 5 months. I highly recommend them, and I'm looking forward to potentially returning for plastics in the future. Their weekly check-ins and supportive Facebook group have been invaluable for guidance and answering any questions.???

Heather Applegate
Read Google Review

???Pompeii Surgical is an amazing facility with caring and compassionate staff. Dr. Galindo and the surgical team provided thorough explanations and made sure I felt at ease. The facility is clean and cozy, and I had no complications after surgery. I've lost 57 lbs to date and receive weekly phone calls for support. I highly recommend Pompeii for weight loss surgery. The staff at the Beach Recovery Condo were accommodating and made it the best experience of my life. Special thanks to Luis, Harold, and Danny!???

Staci Kennedy
Read Google Review

???In all my years, I have never encountered an organization that is as professional, organized, sympathetic, knowledgeable, CLEAN, and kind as ALL of the people at Pompeii Surgical. Thank you for giving me the most amazing experience! God has great things in store for all of you!???

Amy W.
Read Google Review

???I recently had surgery here on 9/9, and honestly there are not enough words to describe my experience. I literally have nothing negative to say at all. The staff are friendly, compassionate, bubbly with joy. The facilities are very clean and spacious. I cried when it was time for me to return, definitely plan on visiting the area again. Thanks Pompeii for changing my life.???

Rissa Showers
Read Google Review

???Absolutely a wonderful experience. Everyone from the doctors to the drivers, they were all amazing. Facility is great, better than US I should say, the nurses are always attentive, everyone gives their 110%. The only regret is, I wish I had done the surgery sooner.???

Read Google Review

???These people saved my life. Clean facilities, thorough customer service, the staff and Doctors go out of their way to make it a completely positive experience. All of your needs are catered to for a very reasonable all inclusive price.???

Carl Gardner
Read Google Review

???Pompeii Surgical is an amazing facility with friendly and helpful staff. Despite my initial skepticism, the clean and professional environment put me at ease. Dr. Q is awesome, and I highly recommend Pompeii Surgical to anyone considering weight loss options. I am now inspired to begin my own weight loss journey.???

Kimberly Searcy
Read Google Review

???I had VSG at Pompeii and the staff made the process simple and easy. The medical staff were nice and explained everything in detail. The patient rooms were cute and comfortable, and the hotel was nice with a beautiful pool. I had no complications and I'm now 200 lbs from 276. I'm so happy I chose Pompeii for my weight loss surgery.???

Christina Hernandez


Your journey is just as important as your destination.

Embarking on a transformative step with Pompeii Surgical? Don???t leave your journey to chance. While others may offer "free" transportation, the risks can outweigh the savings. Missing a flight due to last-minute border crossings can lead to unforeseen costs, including new flight bookings, extended hotel stays, and potential loss of wages. Worse, many don???t offer travel insurance, leaving you to shoulder the burden. With Pompeii Transportation, we prioritize your peace of mind. We provide timely airport pickups and returns, ensuring ample time for border crossings, and offer comprehensive travel insurance coverage, safeguarding against unexpected costs.


Ontime Pickups

12 Minute

Average Pickup Wait Time


Don't Worry -- You Have Time For More Services

Dental and Botox services are available at the beach house before or after your surgery.


Doctor Jonathan Zarate, Dental Surgeon

Dental services available at the beach house.


Doctor Aguamarina Cortez, Physical Rehabilitation Medicine

Botox services available at the beach house.