Understanding Our Surgical Costs Is So Easy

We want to help you choose which procedure is right for you! Below we have provided clear and precise pricing of all of our procedures and all fees that could be involved. Make sure you speak with your patient coordinator to ensure that they provide you with an accurate and final cost of your surgical procedure at the time of booking.

Just Remember.. this our promise:
  • We never impose any unknown fee not listed on our website.  Unforeseen medical costs such as blood transfusions and presurgical additional testing unexpectedly required are also covered by our facility. 
  • There are never any surprise medical testing fees upon arrival.  We understand that our patients cannot afford surprises and we have the integrity not to ask you for additional cost.   
  • The final quoted surgical price is all you will be charged.

Understanding Everything That Is Included In Our Pricing

Outside of your surgical cost here are other fees you may need to consider.

What Is Included In All Packages:
  • All Standard Medical Related Costs

  • All Additional Presurgical Testing Costs
  • All Additional Medication Costs During Stay
  • 3-Night Pompeii Retreat Experience For You And Companion
  • Ground Transportation to/from San Diego Airport, Testing and Resort
  • Complication Insurance via Pompeii Surgical
  • Travel Insurance via Pompeii Surgical

Other Fees You May Need to Consider.

We are proud to announce our new simplified pricing structure. Many facilities charge high BMI fees, take home medication costs, transportation costs, hotel fees and for additional testing.
  • Cardiology Testing When Required Before Booking ($150)
  • Medically Required Additional Hotel Nights Now FREE
  • $50 Postop Medication is now FREE
  • High BMI Fee of $500 is now FREE

Our Flatrate Surgical Prices.

Planning your Retreat & Recovery

Ready for a mini vacation? It is free. Arrive days before your surgical procedure and enjoy relaxing on a beach in Mexico while learning about your upcoming postop diet, engaging in bariatric cooking classes and making sand castles.



Full Vacation

  • 2 Days Before Surgery
  • 1 Day Recovery After Surgery

Additional Days

  • Add Additional Day To Your Stay

Pompeii Surgical

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