Financial Complication Policy For All Pompeii Patients

Our Financial Complications Policy gives you the peace of mind that we will cover all associated costs involved in any complication that might occur during your stay at our facility. If for any reason you must receive additional surgeries you can rest assured that you will not receive a bill or any additional charges. During your operation we will address ANY health concern that we encounter and use all efforts and resources at our disposal to resolve the issue during your operation.

We Cover All Surgical & Operational Costs In Mexico

We Cover Hospital Stay & Nursing Costs

Airline & Hotel Rebooking Costs

In addition our complication policy covers situations in which you pay for surgery but when the procedure is unable to be performed due to health concerns or previous surgical conditions. If during your operation and we are able to perform a successful bariatric procedure then you will be reimbursed the full cost of surgery, provided with ground transportation to and from the airport, and we pay your hotel costs until your able to return home.

With patients with prior heart conditions our surgeon may require additional testing performed. The cost of this additional testing is typically over $400. The complication policy covers the costs of additional testing before surgery and requires no out of pocket costs for our patient. If these tests are not passed and our patient is unable to receive surgery they will not be liable for any costs associated with additional testing.

We cannot control healthcare costs and emergency procedures after you have returned home if you are able to return to us for surgery. Emergency room visits, primary care followups, and operations performed in the United States are not covered by this policy.

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