Lapband Revision Is A Solution

The lapband and gastric sleeve procedures quickly become the most popular weight loss surgery in the United States and a select few patients find the need for a revision..

Both are straightforward procedures and equally an exceptionally effective one. However, much like any medical treatment, there is the potential for the procedure not to offer the expected degree of weight loss the patient or their surgeon expects. Patients who consume too much food too quickly may get feedback from their band (in the form of discomfort or vomiting) or bypass (in the form of dumping syndrome), but not often from their sleeve. As such, if patients aren’t tracking their food intake, they may not know they are overeating. For that reason and others, the most common cause of a failure in the gastric sleeve procedure usually revolves around the patient’s lifestyle. A lack of proper diet and consistent exercise is often the culprit of poor weight loss or weight regain.

If not caught soon enough, there is a chance that the sleeve shaped gastric pouch will begin to expand and enlarge. This allows patients to eat more at every sitting and, in turn, gain weight. The longer this goes untreated, the more weight a patient may regain.

Rarely, a gastric sleeve may fail to offer adequate weight loss because not enough of the stomach was removed during the first surgery.

  • Revisions are a higher risk procedure due to prior surgical conditions.
  • Revisions do not have a high BMI requirment.
  • Will I Find Success With A Revision?

    Lapband Revisions are very effective.

    The safest and most effective way to combat weight regain is by recommitting to the prescribed post-surgical diet and exercise plan. However, if the gastric sleeve is sufficiently stretched or your body has adjusted to the lapband, this may no longer be a viable option.

    Since procedure-related weight regain almost always revolves around the stomach pouch stretching, surgical revisions are relatively straightforward. The gastric sleeve can be revised by performing a second sleeve procedure to re-shrink the gastric pouch and remove excess volume. This is called a re-sleeve and is performed in much the same way as the first procedure.

    The sleeve can also be revised to a gastric bypass or a duodenal switch. This stepped approach to weight loss adds a malabsorptive component that can offer a second pathway to weight loss. This course of action would be considered a last resort as both the bypass and duodenal switch have added dietary restrictions and are more complex.

    Potential Weight Loss Procedures After Revision

    During the same surgery as removing your lapband we are able to perform a gastric sleeve, bypass or mini-bypass.

    Will A Revision Provide More Weight Loss?

    Yes, the lapband procedure and a gastric sleeve are fundamentally different and the sleeve has a higher rate of success and medical reasoning that contribute to weight loss that is not included with a lapband.

    Why Choose Doctor Q For My Revision?

    Doctor Quinones specalizes in revision surgery. Bariatric revisions are more difficult then typical weight loss procedures and it requires a high level of experience from a surgeon who has seen thousands of bariatric patients in order to understand the reasoning for the initial failed surgery. We are confident that Doctor Q will be able to make the proper suggestion to the surgery your body was designed for and take the care needed to prevent a secondary procedure from not having the desired effect.

    When you have multiple surgeries performed in the same region of the body there will be scar tissue formed from the prior procedure. Working around this scar tissue is crucial to ensure you do not have pain in the future or other complications. Doctor Quinones specalizes in handling scar tissue to ensure you a healthy pain free body during your retired years.

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