Getting Approved For Surgery Can Be Done 100% Online -- in under 5 minutes!.

The First Step --Fill In Eligibility Form!

We need to review your response to a few basic medical information in order to get you approved for surgery. Generally speaking no records are needed from your primary care provider.

Below you will find a link that will take you to a Surgical Eligability Form. This form will ask you just a few questions about yourself. Our surgeon will personally review your form and tell your patient coordinator if your eligible and a good canidate for this procedure. This process typically takes less then 48 hours and you could even receive an approval call the very same day.

Visit Our Start Your Surgical Eligibility Form

Your Surgical Approval Call

We will give you a call to confirm your approval, answering questions and dsiclosing charges.

Typically in less then 48 hours from the time you submit your Surgical Eligibility Form you will receive a phone call from one of our friendly patient coordinators letting you know that you have been approved for surgery. They will take the time to explain to you all costs involved based on your medical history and fully explain the booking and travel process.

Choosing Your Date

Once you receive your approval call from one of our coordinators you may be ready to book your surgery at that time.

We will review each potential surgical date for you that we have open and allow you to research options for your future travel.

Hold Your Surgical Date

We will hold your surgical date in place while you book and arrange for your plane tickets.

Pompeii Surgical does not require ANY deposit. We typically hold a patients surgical date until 2-3 weeks from the procedure date. In which time we will need your plane ticket confirmation in order to continue to hold the date.

Forward Your Flight Ticket Itinerary

Book your plane ticket within 3 to 4 weeks of your surgical date in order to receive the best price on your plane tickets.

We recommend using the website to explore the best travel dates for your surgery and compare prices. Its very important that you book your plane tickets as soon as possible so you pay the lowest price. If you wait until 10 days before your surgical date to book your tickets then the ticket could double or triple in price.

Follow Up Calls

We call you the first day of Pre-Op diet before surgery and continue to make followup calls leading up to your surgical date.

We understand the stress involved in travel and want to provide our full and unconditional support during the process. We will continue to check in with you and assist you in any arrangments you need. As everything progesses smoothy we will see you on surgery day and pick you up from the airport!